Matej Rodela

Matej Rodela @toktokhomes Matej is a designer. Just think about this for a second, the phone you are holding in your hands. The keypad you are typing on. The car you drive. Everything everyday you utilize or engage with is designed. Right now the finishing touches on a project are in works and the first product should be available within March for furniture ! Designed and manufactured right here in Thunder Bay! Again think about that. “Affordable furniture that makes homes better and more functional for generations to come.” YES! Also! Matej does 6000 meters of rowing in 20 minutes when he was in peak training. Correct me if I am mistaken Matej but I am impressed! Also the story about Munich and the van waiting for the team to perform while some other team walks by is the best. And let’s just mention Rain! Matej does cold showers and enjoys ice baths. I am kinda intrigued now. Its on the bucket list. Matej, I love your inspiration and the connection you make with designs so beautiful. I liked how you said that good design, you don’t even notice. It’s just works.

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