• Britt Silegren, Thunder Bay boxing, podcast guest on thamichaelated show 2021
    Britt got connected to boxing at 6:00am in a gym class and never looked back. The feeling she got from the gloves, the punching bag and the people carried her
  • James Moat Thunder Bay, Episode 59 on thamichaelated show podcast
    James talked to me about being a Violinist, summiting mountains, taking amazing pictures and living in the wild for days. I personally really want more Vlog style documentations of his
  • Trupti V Acharya guest on Thunder Bay podcast thamichaelated show
    Trupti V Acharya joined thamichaelated in episode #57 of thamichaelated show. She shares the story of coming to Thunder Bay from Mumbai and everything that comes with that. Thank you
  • Aldo Ruberto special guest on thamichaelated show Thunder Bay podcast
    Aldo Ruberto talked about how he got where he is today. I learned a lot! Thank you Aldo! Listen to Aldo in episode #56: SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts
  • Amanda Moddejonge podcast guest on thamichaelated show
    Amanda Moddejonge Green Party President and CEO of the Thunder Bay Rainy River Electoral District Association joined Michael “thamichaelated” in episode 54. listen to Amanda in episode #54: SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle
  • YouTube chef Trystan Petrash on thamichaelated show Canadian podcast
    Trystan is back and while he was deep into home renovations, his YouTube channel blew up! His production is quality content on Korean food with a hint of crispiness. Then