• Matej Rodela @toktokhomes Matej is a designer. Just think about this for a second, the phone you are holding in your hands. The keypad you are typing on. The car
  • On his Birthday Chris sat down with me and we talked FUEL. Hooligan Fuel Hotsauce. Well I always wanted to do a birthday episode and today was the day! I
  • Ashley’s is a Designer! Her company is called Ashley the happy hooker and she is a crochet artisan, designer and instructor. She’s quite into meditation and one of her goals
  • Bill told me what he thinks of this years budget, the handling of the pandemic from the city’s perspective and explained the soccer complex situation. Bill elaborated also on council
  • Hilary grew up in Alberta and stayed once in the same little Iceland town where Ben Stiller long boarded. Just those spaghettis though that you had! Hilary let’s us be
  • 67 boy Roland Thunder Bay artist
    Boy Roland! #100birdclub ! 50th Anniversary Art Bus ! Tattoo Design ! Design that you recognize by his signature art style – Boy Roland. That’s Boy Roland for you. From
  • Shelby Ch’ng, Thunder Bay City Councillor. Shelby has joined the podcast for a number of episodes to talk about topics such as the City of Thunder Bay, 2021 Thunder Bay
  • Jack Murphy Thunder Bay on thamichaelated show Unleashed Fighting Fitness
    Jack Murphy on thamichaelated show! Jack rowed once 100 miles in one sitting! Jack plans to bike 510 miles for his next birthday. Jack likes that kind of stuff. Jack
  • Marielle Orr Nameless TBAY, on thamichaelated show Thunder Bay Podcast
    Marielle Orr is a mixed media abstract expressionist right here in Thunder Bay, tonight we talked how she got into the art, touched briefly on some New Zealand hiking and
  • Steve Squire, Chef, Episode 63 of thamichaelated show!
    Steve is the executive Chef at Picaro, a Latin Local restaurant in Saskatoon. Born and raised in Thunder Bay Steve has competed in many competitions and has partaken even in
  • Jim Stadey. We talked entrepreneurship, technology and Pizza. Jim is a leader in our community. I look up to him. Very good to see and hear how Jim approaches life
  • Ren Marino Thunder Bay tattoo artist, tattooer, guest on thamichaelated show podcast
    Ren Marino is a Tattoo Artist, Tattooer at Red River Trading company and obviously we talked Tattoos today!! Ren did my head tattoo too and he let me know how